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Trans/genderqueer friendly survey/user data capture methodology

For a number of years I’ve been naming and shaming websites which force you to choose from binary gender options (male/female). This is because some people aren’t male or female, or don’t really want to tell a website which they are. They might be genderqueer, somewhere in-between or outside...

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spock is rubbish at identity politics as well

And here’s another example of a failed sign up dialogue in terms of identity politics and gender diversity: Radio buttons? With only two options and I have to choose one? And the default is Male? So I’m forced to declare myself as one or the other. How rubbish. Here’s...

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Plaxo loses for gender diversity

Plaxo just put me off by forcing me to choose my gender: The only options were male or female. C’mon Plaxo, get with the program! This is the modern day and you should know better than to only give us these limiting binary options with which to define ourselves...

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Pownce wins on gender

Just signed up to Pownce, which appears to be Twitter, with file sharing and without forcing incorrect grammar on the user. Also you can group your contacts into ‘sets’ which you choose yourself. At the moment it’s invitation only/join a waiting list. I set my facebook status to ‘Anyone...

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