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98 reasons I swiped left on Tinder. Or, why I am single.

Further to my ‘How not to do┬áTinder‘ post, I felt like documenting the reasons I swiped left (no) on Tinder, in response to 98 of 100 people’s profiles. I thought, maybe I’ll learn something? I guess it confirms that I’m super judgmental. I’m working on that… In the meantime,...

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Democratic decision making tool for the workplace

This is a re-post of my work blog at but I thought I’d share it here too. You can check it out above, or at Here at NixonMcInnes we operate democratically. That means that workers get a vote in decisions, big and small. We are therefore likely...

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The Evil Facebook Diet App

So I clicked this Facebook ad today: Cos I’m trying to put some weight on. Seemed like a good app, I started adding the food I’d eaten today and it counted my calories for me. Then went to put what activities I’d done. It asked me to put in...

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