The Whole Woman – Germaine Greer

This recent work by Greer shows that she is still in touch with the feminist issues of today and explains to the new generation of women (i.e. me) how we are still being exploited in this ‘civilised’ society and across the globe. Until recently I had felt unaware of...

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An Evolutionary and Ecological Ethic – Kovlofsky

Written in 1974, this is also a collection of essays by an important figure in philosophy. Again separated into different topics which follow on well from one another when read in order, but still make sense individually. This is one book which changed my life forever, and in saying...

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Until last winter, I could see no relationship between the struggles talked of by feminists and my own life. No man has ever stopped me doing what I wanted and I couldn’t see western societies’ stereotyping gender roles hindering me. First I read “Lies, Secrets and Silence” by Adrienne...

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