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Gephi social network visualisation

Hello! I just did my first social network visualisation. Using Gephi, on recommendation from my colleague Ollie Glass. It was super easy! Gephi is free and is a piece of software like Photoshop which runs on PC or Mac. It also has a really nice tutorial, which I ran...

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Femfresh fail vs Mooncup win and EU #itsagirlthing fail

Mooncup make a menstrual cup that you put in your vagina when you’re on your period. They also do educational campaigns about menstruation, and generally have a theme around being open about talking about it, and removing the shame from periods. They also did a campaign about what names...

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Round up of my other blog posts

I’ve been blogging, but not here. Here’s the posts I’ve written on my work’s blog. Click the titles for the full articles. Engaging Networks’ #spark11 conference for non-profits On Tuesday 14 June 2011 I attended Engaging Networks’ Spark event in London. Engaging Networks is the new name for Advocacy...

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Interesting data projects and articles

More of my delicious links! This time I’m talking DATA! Adactio: Journal—The password anti-pattern Elastic lists Well formed data Facebook Data Team Mouseprice – property information and data FlowingData | Data Visualization and Statistics Gist Power Tip: Export Facebook Page Fans – if out of date, check comments Global...

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