Google Ad Planner is going to get less useful for research :(

I just got the following email from Google Ad Planner, and it sounds like some disappointing changes are afoot. I use Google AdPlanner for research for social media campaigns – to identify potential partners, to understand audience behaviours online in terms of what their top websites are etc., and...

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Gender diversity fail / transphobia by Channel 4

In my series of posts about registration forms and user interface design, and how you need to understand the basics of identity politics when you’re designing a form to collect identity data, Channel 4 is the latest to fail the test. Not only does it only offer binary gender...

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Happiness in the UK (expressed in tweets)

This is a re-post of my work blog: Are we happy in the UK? Twitter data infographic A couple of months ago we were briefed by our client Kuoni, to use social media to promote their Holiday Health Experiment competition and research project. To support the theme of investigation...

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Gephi social network visualisation

Hello! I just did my first social network visualisation. Using Gephi, on recommendation from my colleague Ollie Glass. It was super easy! Gephi is free and is a piece of software like Photoshop which runs on PC or Mac. It also has a really nice tutorial, which I ran...

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