Digital ecosystems

I wrote a post about digital ecosystems on the Brilliant Noise blog. Having studied animal communication, behaviour and habitats, I like to understand the world from an ecological perspective. This translates very well to understanding digital ecosystems. We can map the key elements of a biological ecosystem to those...

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The next generation of internet users – infographic

I’ve been asked to share my thoughts on the following infographic. So here goes. I’m afraid it is quite critical. It has some interesting stats. It looks OK visually, but not all of the graphics represent the data. Sometimes they do, but sometimes it’s just a picture and some...

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Infographic: free birth control or contraception lowers average abortion rates – US study

I was sent this link by and thought it was worth sharing. A straightforward experiment where birth control / contraception was provided free of charge in St. Louis, under the ‘Contraceptive Choice’ project, showed that these women had much lower birth rates and abortion rates than the national...

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Current UK Trends for search by topic using Google Trends

I decided to test embedding Google Trends charts for the UK. I can’t figure out how to make the embedded charts look nicer but in the meantime, this is quite interesting. Each chart shows what people are searching for in the last 7 days (or 30 days if there...

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